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Fun Stuff - while driving your BMW without Reverse

So you've been ranting and raving to anyone that will listen about your problems but this section of the site is dedicated to having a bit of fun. Some of us have learned to deal with not having reverse rather that getting it fixed immediately. Here are some suggestions, slang words and techniques used by all.

Push and Pull (P&P)
This is one of the most commonly used techniques. This requires the driver to have the driver's side door open and push hard with your left foot to get the car moving backwards. After a few pushes, the door will need to be quickly pulled shut before it is ripped off by the side of the garage door (if parked in the left side of a two car garage)

Bump, Jump and Pump (BJP)
This technique in quite complicated but can really get you out of a jam. Scenario: All the pull through parking spots are taken and there isn't a great incline spot so you are left with a normal parking spot with either a parking block or curb. Pull your car in as if you actually had reverse. When it's time to leave, you will accelerate forward towards the curb. Go slow. The idea is to move your car to the top of the curb and hit the brake. Next, open the door, put one foot out, put the car in neutral and push as hard as you can with your leg. As your car comes off the curb, it should give you enough speed to make it out of your spot.

Tranny Quadricep
After a few months of going without reverse, you will notice your left quad start to develop quite nicely. The only problem is you look a little funny with a huge quad on your left leg and an average size quad on the other. Some suggest to do the P&P as a passenger.

Pull-Through Parking
This one is quite obvious. You will be come a master at spotting a pull-through parking spot from 100 yards away. There is nothing better than this type of parking.

The 4x4
You will have to resort to this technique if you happen to go over the curb during the BJP. As you can tell by the name, your only option is take her off road. I've only had to do this once. You'll want to look around and make sure no one is looking before you try to pull this off. When the time is right, pull forward and jump the curb with the back tires and look for the nearest spot to get back on the street. Tip: sneak a peak under the car to make sure you aren't going to rip anything off the bottom of the car.

Submitted by Beth ... thanks Beth!!
After my car stopped going in reverse at 70k miles, and I was quoted $6500 for a new transmission, I thought of the following new slogans for BMW:

"BMW -- Moving Forward" and my favorite,
"BMW -- Misery Loves Company".